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You Don’t Have to Live With Ants in Your Home

Did you know there are more ants in the world than there are all other living species combined? So, it’s not surprising when you find them lurking in the cabinets, kitchen sink, or countertops. At Freedom Pest Solutions, we provide effective ant control services to homeowners throughout Westminster, MD, and beyond. Our highly trained team has decades of experience in the industry and know exactly what to look for when determining the level of infestation and how to best combat it. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate. We can help protect your home.


Common Signs of Ants In Your Home

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to find a single ant in their home. The issue arises when a colony discovers food or water. Quickly identifying if you have an ant infestation can prevent stress and save you a lot of time. At Freedom Pest Solutions, we’ve seen it all. Below are some signs that an ant colony has invaded your home.

Some Signs That an Ant Colony Has Invaded Your Home

Live Ants

No, we're not talking about just one or two live ants. However, if a colony of ants has identified food in your trash barrel, kitchen sink, or cabinets, you can expect to see dozens of them walking around. Once a colony has found food, it's hard to get rid of them with at-home ant control solutions. Instead, give us a call.

Ant Colonies Around Your Home

Oftentimes, a quick walk around the perimeter of your foundation will uncover a colony of ants invading your property. Check the foundation walls to see if a path has been created that leads into your home.

Wood Shavings

Carpenter ants burrow through the wood in your home, leaving a destructive wake in their path that can damage its structural integrity. If you notice wood shavings in your basement or attic, then you may have carpenter ants.

Our Ant Removal Process

Ants are adeptly designed to scavenge by creating elaborate trails to food sources, which sometimes leads to your property. However, ant colonies aren’t generally found within homes. Instead, they live in the wood and soil outside. At Freedom Pest Solutions, our highly-trained team can find the route the colony is taking to invade your home and use effective solutions designed to stop them at the source so that you can enjoy your home without any surprises lurking in the cabinets.

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